How-To Fold A Shirt, Even If You Have Notabletofoldclothescorrectly Disease

I used to roll roll my clothes when packing them. I was told — and I believed for a long time — that rolled clothes took up less room and were even less wrinkled when unfolded. Today, I don’t believe either of those things are true, although I do believe that rolling clothes makes it easier to remove a particular shirt, for example, from a pile of tightly rolled shirts. It’s like plucking candy from a dish. Now, instead of rolling my clothes, I just fold them neatly. Um, well, I just fold them. Sadly, I have Notabletofoldclothescorrectly disease. I think I inherited it. It’s tragic, but I’m dealing with it.

Ben Zweig, however, does not have have Notabletofoldclothescorrectly disease. A self-proclaimed “Folding Expert,” Zweig knows several ways to fold shirts and has even produced a 3-minute video demonstrating how to fold clothes perfectly every time. Part of me appreciates his tips and wants to incorporate them into my packing routine. The other part of me wants to ask him how he got so regimented as such a young man. Check out the Zweig’s video and decide for yourself whether Zweig is helpful…or bizarrely anal.