Google Maps Now Include NYC Subways

Google Maps just got even more amazing. Now they’re including NYC subway stops. You can view a map of Manhattan here.

As you can see, they’re still working on it. As noted by allterrainbrain, who posted the news on MetaFilter, “full building outlines are available only in some parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and some subway stops currently list only one of the multiple trains that serve the stop.”

But regardless, this is awesome. I’ve stayed in New York for months at a time, and while it’s more or less easy to go uptown or downtown, trying to go crosstown (or, God forbid, find the train that’ll take you to the right part of Brooklyn or Queens) is tricky — especially at first. Additionally, this is a great reference for anyone who’s in an unfamiliar neighborhood and needs to find the closest station.

Go Google Maps!