Hotel Fauchère: a Historic Luxury Hotel Perfect for Nurturing Your Muse

If it’s true that buildings have an aura based on the people who have stayed in them, then Hotel Fauchère in Milford, Pennsylvania must be crackling with energy–the good kind. Ever since 1880s when the hotel first opened, the likes of Ogden Nash, Mae West, Babe Ruth, Robert Frost, Andrew Carnegie, three American presidents and more have tucked in here for the night.

Besides the guest list catching my eye, the collection of Hudson River School paintings on display on the hotel’s walls are attention grabbers. This is the artistic movement started in the 19th century with an aim to capture the essence of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River Valley in upstate New York. Basically, everything about Hotel Fauchère makes me want to join the guest list. Besides fine linens, there is fine dining. If there is more than a few of you, the hotel is also geared up for groups, conferences and retreats.

The town of Milford also looks to be the kind of town I’d like to poke around for a few days. Basically, any town that is steeped in history and has a love for the people who used to live there is fine by me. The Columns Museum, operated by the Pike County Historical Society, is a perfect example. This is a historic mansion turned museum that houses treasures of Pike County residents and artifacts not seen elsewhere. For example, the museum has the flag that is thought to have cushioned Lincoln’s head after he was shot. There are other galleries, antique shops and the Zane Grey Museum also made for savoring.

As I browse the creamy richness of Hotel Fauchère’s website, I can imagine myself having a fine visit with my muse here-or maybe Robert Frost’s.