Bob Marley’s Legacy Continues at a Reggae Music Festival

Bob Marley’s birthday was February 6th. Even though that date has passed, it’s not too late to celebrate his life and music legacy by taking in a Ragga Muffins Festival. This festival pulls in top reggae artists from around the world. There are three different locations with several of the artists performing at each one. The first is in Long Beach, CA, February 17-18. Then it moves to Santa Cruz, CA, February 22-23 and San Francisco, February 24.

Steel Pulse, Benny Wailer and Midnight are just a few of the performers making three separate appearances. The festival in Long Beach is more than a concert. Deemed one the best international reggae festivals, according to this article that I came across in the LA Weekly, it includes “North America’s largest international crafts and food fare.” That certainly caught my attention.

If you can’t make it to one of the festivals you can enjoy samplings of the artist’s music on the festival’s website. It seems that these are perfect times for remembering Marley’s work towards human rights and world peace.