Fatpacking: Weight-Loss Backpacking

Fatpacking — an alternative to Boot Camps, Fat Camps, Fat Farms, and a less rigorous version of Outward Bound — is for people who love the outdoors, but who are a bit overweight or a little older and prefer not to feel rushed by super-fit athletes or obsessive hi-mileage hikers.

During the 1 and 2-week wilderness hiking vacations, Fatpackers’ guides (Is that Borat?!) help participants alter their body composition, and enjoy an unforgettable wilderness experience. Carrying all their food and supplies on their backs, Fatpackers can lose as much as 5 pounds of week, and they’ll likely gain a fair amount of muscle mass. In reality, there probably isn’t a person on the planet who wouldn’t benefit from and enjoy a guided tour on one of these upcoming trips:

Who knows? Maybe if you schedule the trip at the right time, you can participate in the Fatpackers reality show.