Pimp Your Fridge: Themed Mini-Bar Packages

Hotels have offered themed rooms for years. Though, if heart-shaped beds and shag carpeting sounds like overkill to you, how about a themed mini-bar?

Yes? Then, look no further than the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club on Miami’s glitzy South Beach. They carry a number of humorous mini-bar packages with their aptly-titled “Pimp Your Fridge” promotion. There’s the “Nostalgia” mini-bar which includes Fruit Roll-Ups, candy cigarettes, and spray cheese. Hotel patrons can also choose to “Get It On” with a fridge stocked with edible body paint, whipped cream, and a Barry White CD. My pick, “Munchie Mania,” features Cheetos and cheesecake.

Very clever, but it’s definitely not for me. Maybe it’s just because I rarely dip into hotel mini-bars anyway. I think I’d enjoy the novelty of the “Rock Star” package — Visine, Alka Seltzer, and a chilled eye mask — but I don’t think I’d be willing to shell out the $50 (and up) asking price.