[murmur] Makes A City Come Alive

When I attended the Bodies exhibit, I received a hand-held device. Throughout the exhibit, when I saw a sign with a number, I entered the number on the device, and a pre-recorded message explained what I was looking at. Of course, many museums offer devices that provide visitors information upon demand. Cleverly, Toronto is doing something similar — for the entire city. Believing stories make a city come alive, [murmur] allows people to infuse communities with life.

An archival audio project that collects stories set in various locations — from parking lots to diners, to front lawns — the stories of [murmur] are told by Torontonians themselves. At each [murmur] location, a [murmur] sign with a phone number and location code indicates that stories are available. By calling the number, users are able to listen to the story. Some stories encourage the listener to walk around; other stories assume you’ll stand in place. If you have a response to the story you just heard, you can record it. [murmur] also has a companion website, which allows you to virtually tour the city and listen to the stories by clicking the map.

Evidently, [murmur] has spread to San Jose, California. What a great way for residents and tourists alike to learn about the city.

[News tip: Great Map; Photo: cjw333]