Across America Frame by Frame

I had an idea recently that i wanted to pitch to the good folks at apple: that I do a short documentary film…or perhaps it would be better as a commercial, lots of quick cuts, whereby I drive across country listening to the songs of my ipod on shuffle. No song would be repeated and thus we’d show how much music these delightful little magic music boxes can store. Yes, I know, they’ve already thought of this.

So what, I don’t have the time to drive across country anyway. But the idea was rekindled in my brain just a moment ago when a friend of mine sent me this link to a cool project at Kodak about a guy who drove across country and snapped a picture every mile. 3,304 photos by a guy named Matt Frondorf.

Yes, it’s pretty self-explanatory…or at least, I just explained it in that single sentence. But is is pretty cool, and nicely done.