Happy President’s Day! Tour Abe Lincoln’s Home!

Located in Springfield, Illinois, the home of Abe Lincoln is now a National Historic Site. Free to visit, the modest log cabin home has been restored to its 1860 appearance, expressing Lincoln as a husband, father, and politician.

Generally-speaking, the two-story home — the first and last home the Lincolns ever owned — looks a lot like how you’d expect it to look, with those old-timey fancy carpets; ornate, floor-length draperies; and heavy, wooden furniture. Nevertheless, it’s still beautifully decorated, as you can see from the photos on Flickr (which are far superior to those on the NPS’ site).

After you tour his home, you can hit The Lincoln Museum. Don’t forget, though, that it’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

[Photo: bdinphoenix]