Presidents’ Day: George Washington Slept Here

Chances are you’ve heard the adage, “George Washington slept here.” There is a reason for the saying. The man got around. I don’t mean he got around in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink, ya’ know what I mean kind of way, but he did sleep in a lot of places. During the Revolutionary War he traveled across the Mid-Atlantic states and through the Northeast eating, drinking and catching some shut-eye in various taverns and inns.

Tracing Washington’s steps, either the actual steps or the possibilities, is a way to travel through American history. One website Did George Washington Sleep Here? You Can! at lists bed and breakfasts where Washington may have tucked in for the night or stopped by for some eats. Whether he stayed at these places or not, they are featured as if he might have. Each have retained their historic value and ooze charm, but their upscale amenities bring them into the 21st century. Here are the list’s highlights.

I also found a section of Flickr photos devoted to the George Washington slept here theme. If you click on the above photo, you’ll be taken to a larger image on Flickr by mdmarcus66.