Drive-Thrus: American Ingenuity or Laziness?

There are few things more American than a drive-thru, and to a foreigner visiting this mecca of car-bound businesses, where every conceivable meal or service is offered via the comfort of your car, it may seem that we, as a nation, are lazy. There is a difference, however, between ingenuity and laziness — I mean, if you can go to Sunday service without doing as much as rolling down the windows of your Buick, why not?

But laziness breeds ingenuity, you might say. We would not have invented the drive-thru church without the constant hassle of having to get out of the car and walk into a building to worship. We know what we want, and we want it fast and with as little struggle as possible. God included.

Drive-thru church? Check.
Drive-thru weddings? Check.
Drive-thru liquor store? Yep.
Drive-thru strip club? Sure enough.
Drive-thru funeral? Um…check.

What other strange drive-thrus am I missing?