LA Times New Travel Site

Hey check this out. The Los Angeles Times, probably the third best paper in the country, just launched a new travel site. Looks sharp, with a nice broad focus on travel all over the world. I particularly like the two-tabbed photo feature down the page where you can check out shots by Times photogs, but also where readers can submit their own shots for Web publication.

I can’t remember if they did this before, but they’re also incorporating reader reviews and they’ve got a “My Trips” feature where you can build an itinerary. Articles and recommendations are grouped by “Nearby Destinations” and interests (like “beaches”, “ski and winter” “family and kids”). To be perfectly honest, the front page right now is a bit sparse, so I hope they flesh it out in days to come because the LAT travel section has ALWAYS been one of the best.

Oh, one more interesting and cool thing. A gadling friend…and a personal one…Jen Leo of Writtenroad, has been hired to be the Times new Travel Deal Watch blogger, a rather impressive new title and a sign that she’s hit the big time (although as an editor for Traveler’s tales, I suppose she was there already).

Anyhow, cool new site and cool new opps for friends. Gotta like it.