“Scenes from the City”: A Map That Pinpoints Movie Locations Around NYC

In 1966, New York City established the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. This not only gave filmmakers unprecedented access to the world’s most exciting and vibrant city, it ensured gossip writers in the Big Apple would be forever employed.

To celebrate the anniversary of the MOFTB, the City launched a snazzy interactive map pinpointing locations that have served as backdrops over the years. Allowing users to filter by film, television, filmmaker, scene type, time period, and neighborhood, the map is a nifty way of planning a day in NYC. Want to hit all the locations around the City that Woody Allen has featured? Plan on making 11 stops. Interested in visiting all the locations used for movies set pre-1966? That’ll be 23 stops.

The only problem with the map is that, while it tells you where to go, it doesn’t give you the back story for the destinations. Does that make it useless? Fuhgeddaboutit. Pick up a copy of the photo-filled coffee table book that inspired the map and use the map as the basis for a totally kick-ass scavenger hunt.