Dining Blind: It’s All The Rage In L.A.

Just when you thought you had eating and drinking all figured out, along comes Dining in the Darka new Los Angeles trend for the more adventurous food-lover.

Upon arriving at the Hyatt West Hollywood, you’re taken to a room where you eat a three-course meal — in pitch black. Despite the total darkness, waiters manage to get the food on your plate — but it’s up to you to figure out how to eat it. Cutlery is provided, but most give up and use their hands.

It’s not cheap, at $99 per person for chicken or fish, $105 for beef, but it sounds like a unique experience in letting go of your pre-conceptions about dining out.

Check it out for yourself, every Saturday night at the Hyatt West Hollywood, 8401 Sunset Blvd. Visit the company’s website or call 800.710.1270 for more information.