$110 Hamburger? Try a $1,000 Brownie!

Remember the $110 Indonesian hamburger I wrote about last weekend? The one I said I’d ask for a refund on if I bought it unless it was sprinkled in gold flakes and wrapped in a diamond tennis bracelet? Well, I ran across this $1,000 brownie at a restaurant called Brûlee in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and guess what? It actually has gold flakes sprinkled on it.

FoodTV Canada reports: “The ‘Brownie Extradordinaire with Saint Louis’ is a chocolate brownie made with Italian hazelnuts, dusted with edible gold powder and served with a very rare port. After each bite, the dessert captain squirts a mist of the vintage port on your tongue with a $750 atomizer, which incidentally is yours to keep.”

No way is any “dessert captain” squirting anything in my mouth — even if he does have credentials. Can you imagine telling your buddies back home how dinner was?

“And then we ordered this brownie that was really delicious and the dessert captain squirted me in the mouth after every bite!”

It reminds me of one of those Milwaukee’s Best commercials, where the guy does something unmanly and a gigantic can of beer falls from the sky, crushing him with a warning, “men should act like men.”