Detour Worth Making: Virgina City’s Red Light Museum

Gosh, nothing screams sexy like cowboy prostitutes from the 1860s. Named after the most famous prostitute of Virginia City, Nevada, the Julia C. Bulette Saloon now stands as a tribute to that city’s “favored soiled dove.” Open daily from 10am-9pm, a $1 admission gains you access to the so-called Red Light Museum, which displays a variety of vintage erotica — like a lipstick tube condom case and a, um, self-pleasuring device — as well as a gruesome, yet pleasantly chiffon’ed, diorama displaying Bulette’s death, a crime for which the French perpetrator was summarily hanged.

After the Museum tour, you’ll no doubt be parched. Fortunately, right down the street from the Museum is the gorgeous, if not creepily-named, Bucket of Blood Saloon. Mosey on down and grab you a sarsaparilla.

It sure looks like it’d be a fun stop, if the city weren’t haunted. Yup, The Silver Terrace Cemetery reportedly has a glowing headstone, and the Gold Hill Hotel has ghosts that greet guests.