Car Trip Check List: Handy and Smart

Spring break is on its way. This make me think of taking a road trip. Why stay home when there is a new place to go or a relative to visit? As someone who goes dashing about the house to round up items the night before I head out and overpacks each time, I came across this handy check- list for car travel on Family Fun magazine’s website. Instead of wondering what else I need to pack, using this list might help me focus my efforts. The item on the list I absolutely love is wet wipes. I am a huge fan. With wet wipes and a roll of paper towels I can handle about anything.

I noticed that this list is missing a TV, a VCR, a DVD player or a Gameboy. I have to agree. My family isn’t big on gadgets. (Well, my now teenage daughter is and can’t believe her parents are so lame.) Even when we traveled from Ohio to California then onto New York and back to Ohio, the radio, cassette player and portable CD player were our only outlets for high tech entertainment. All those miles with a toddler and an 11 year-old. Yes, possibly we are freaks. When traveling with a toddler or a young child, I can’t recommend sticker books enough.

The car in the photo is not mine, by the way. It’s a Flickr post taken by pinprick. I am impressed, however, with how everything is packed in with enough space that the driver can still see out the window–sort of. I’ve been there.