Tim Cahill Seeks Out an Adrenaline Fix in New Zealand

Wow. New Zealand has always been on my list, but after reading a recent article in National Geographic Adventure by Tim Cahill, it has skyrocketed up to the top.

State of Adrenaline focuses on just that; the countless adrenaline-filled activities which await the gutsy traveler.

Cahill flies into Queenstown, which he calls the extreme sports capital of the world, and marvels at how the locals have devised “more commercial ways to kill yourself” than anywhere else on the planet. Cahill then proceeds to go about trying to do so himself.

If you want a flavor of what New Zealand has to offer thrill seekers, take a moment to enjoy Cahill’s adventures as he bungee jumped, kayaked, canyoneered, tramped and trekked his way across the amazing landscape of New Zealand. And yes, he lived to tell about it.

As an extra bonus, photographer Peter McBride accompanied Cahill on the trip and has some amazing photographs of the experience here.