More Persian New Year Fun

One thing I like about knowing when New Year is celebrated in other countries is that it gives me an opportunity to extend renewal. Like fellow gadling blogger Adrienne Wilson detailed in her post yesterday on March 20, this is the time of the Persian New Year. On my calendar it’s listed as on March 21 and is called No Ruz as well. So, in case you’ve fallen short of your New Year’s resolutions and Chinese New Year also passed you by before you could kick yourself in gear to resolve to do better, consider this as one more chance. This is spring rejuvenation time where house cleaning and family gatherings coincide with the Spring Equinox. It’s the time to rejuvenate by getting rid of whatever is ailing whether it is a messy house or sickness. With the other Spring Equinox celebrations going on in the world with the purpose of renewal and rebirth, it would be great, wouldn’t it, if all this spring cleaning and rejuvenation translated to world peace?

Given that No Ruz falls smack in the middle of the week, here are two other No Ruz events I came across this coming Saturday in addition to the ones Adrienne’s excellent sleuthing discovered. One is sponsored by the Iranian Cultural Center of New Mexico at the University of New Mexico Ballroom in Albuquerque and the other is in Sunnyvale, California. Both have a real party atmosphere attached and from the sound of it, great food. If you have a large Persian community in your city, my guess is there’s a celebration somewhere and you are welcome. Here’s a history of Persia, thanks to Albuquerque’s Persian community.

My cousin’s wife is Iranian, and I can vouch for the food-and the fun. I don’t know when I’ve had so much fun at a wedding reception. Dancing on the tables hasn’t occurred at any other wedding I’ve been to that I can recall. I think I might call my cousin’s wife and say to her, ” No-Rooz-Pirooz ” Adrienne, thanks for the language tip.