Lost Hand Grenade Found in Potatoes

Just when you think it’s safe to buy fresh groceries, what with the recent spinach scare, and Adkins craze, and all…

A 74-year-old Italian woman brought home a sack of potatoes from the market recently, and was surprised to find a not-so-tasty surprise lurking there: a WWII-era hand grenade. The woman found the grenade while she was washing her purchase, alerted authorities, the bomb squad was able to detonate the grenade harmlessly, and no one was injured.

While one might think this would give a black eye to the fine cuisine of Italy, apparently, the potatoes came from a field in France. And the grenade was of the type used by U.S. soldiers during the war (which, interestingly, often resembled pineapples), making it truly an international culinary incident.