Blowing Bubbles in Union Square

If the Green Market that happens at Union Square in New York City every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday isn’t enough of a reason to head there, or if the shops and eateries that surround it and its playground and benches where you can people watch for hours doesn’t entice you to make the trip, then perhaps millions of bubbles might do it.

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 24 at 12 noon, 400 bottles of bubbles will be handed out to attendees, meaning anyone who shows up. This event called Bubble Bath is an interactive art project of sorts by artist Anthony DeFranco. It’s where everyone participating will unscrew the lids of their bubbles, pull out the wands, pucker their lips and blow. Four hundred people and 400 bottles of bubble is a lot of bubbles. The whole point of this endeavor is to have fun in the simpliest of ways, but in massive quantity.

Because more than 400 people will probably show up, the organizers are suggesting, if possible, for people to bring their own bubbles to help out the cause. More importantly though, show up. It seems to me, this would be a really terrific happening if one of these days this bubble blowing for enjoyment could occur simultaneously across the world at the same time. Thanks to Adam Cipoletti for the tip. We’re happy to spread the news. Here is a link to the Village Voice article that also mentions the event. The photo is from another bubble blowing happening at Astor Place last June.