Volvo: Best for Passion

I don’t really know why research like this is conducted, but nonetheless I am pleased to announce what soccer moms nationwide have probably known for years: Volvo Estate is the best car to have sex in. Apparently, the ‘passion wagon’ has lived through more back seat action than any other vehicle. Boxy, safe and “convenient for the family.” Who knew?

TOP 10 ‘PASSION WAGONS’, as voted in the UK:

1. Volvo Estate

2. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

3. VW Camper Van

4. BMW 3 Series Saloon

5. Ford Escort

6. Audi TT

7. Land Rover Discovery

8. Porsche Carrera

9. VW Golf

10. Ford Focus

While we blogged about Russian drivers admitting to regularly having sex while driving, this poll revealed that 68 percent of Brits admitted to having sex in the car, 10 percent while driving. Man, gotta watch for those soccer ( or is it “football”) moms.