North Dakota Is World’s Best Maker of Snow Angels

Florida is known for its wonderful weather, Iowa for its beautiful fields of corn, and North Dakota…for its snow angels? Believe it or not, the North Dakota Senate recently filed a resolution in praise of their recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s best snow angel makers.

So how does one become the world’s reigning snow angel champion? It may seem simple, but it’s no easy task. To win the title, the state rounded up 8,962 people to create a sea of snow angels on the capitol grounds as far as the eye could see.

And now, today, the education curator for the State Historical Society of North Dakota received word from Guinness that they had been successful in regaining their status as world’s number 1.

North Dakota previously held the record with 1,791 snow angels in 2002, but was bettered by Michigan Technological University with 3,784 in 2006 — numbers that pale in comparison to the impressive new record.

Good news for the rest of you in snow-bearing states, this is an easy record to beat. All you need is some snow, a great big field, and the energy to galvanize 9,000 of your closest friends to lie down and roll around in it. Good luck for next year.