Relax With a Hot Golf Ball Massage

There’s all sorts of weird ways you can get your muscles rubbed. We’ve previously mentioned the Israeli snake massage for the adventurous among you, and now comes the “Golf Specialty Massage.” It sounds like something that’s supposed to improve your swing, but no — the golf balls are actually used to perform the massage.

No lies. If you visit the Four Seasons Resort at Troon North in Scottsdale, you can have a “therapist” warm up some golf balls, and roll them along the large muscles of your spine and neck. That actually sounds nice, though I’m sure there’s a more efficient massage tool than golf balls, right?

Regardless, it’s not cheap. Expect to pay $150 for 50 minutes, and $205 for 80 minutes.

They provide the balls. No word on whether or not you can keep them afterward.