The Proliferation of Southern California Film Festivals

There used to be only a few film festivals on this planet and only one or two that actually mattered (i.e. Cannes and Sundance). The festival scene, however, has drastically changed in the last number of years as independent films have become more and more popular. As a result, film festivals are popping up like prairie dogs across the globe.

Nowhere is this proliferation of film festivals more evident than in Southern California. Of course, SoCal is home to Hollywood, so it is only natural to see such interest in films. And yet, I am still surprised by the fact that there are at least 14 substantial festivals honoring the motion picture industry within a two hour drive of Hollywood Boulevard.

Westways Magazine has thoughtfully put together a helpful article detailing the very best. This includes the more prestigious and recognized, such as the Los Angeles Film Festival and the AFI Fest, as well as the less well-known, such as the Silver Lake Film Festival which kicks off May 3.

Film fanatics also interested in the rewards of a local road trip, can head north on Highway 1 to check out festivals in Malibu, Ojai, and Santa Barbara. Or stay in town and celebrate the cultural diversity of Los Angeles by attending the Pan African Film Festival, the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, or Outfest.

Yep, we got ya covered here in Southern California!