George Bush Jr. Gives a Tour of the Oval Office

While collecting information for my Easter egg hunt post, I found myself in the Oval Office of the White House where George W. Bush started to talk to me. No, this is not an April Fools Day post. That was yesterday.

The White House website has video tours of various White House locations and The Oval Office is one of them. President Bush gives an up close, personal account of the place where he conducts business. The camera angle is such so that he is not directly looking into it. Instead, it’s as if you are following behind him sometimes and to one side as he walks you around the room while he points out details.

Here is the thing. I really liked this tour. I actually listened to it again after I watched it–maybe because it loops if you don’t turn it off. Oddly enough, I liked hearing it for the second time, as well. Perhaps because the tour seemed natural and chatty, even though Bush repeated details as if the director was telling him, “Say it again from this point.”

On the tour, President Bush presents little known facts. The medallion rug with the U.S. seal, the desk, the artwork, and other details about how each president makes the office personal are some of the things he talks about.

Regardless of your politics, this is an interesting way to get a view of an American president and the place he spends some of his time. Through some of Bush’s comments, it’s a way to gain some insight into what interests him on a personal level and how he views some of the men who have served before him. If you want to find out more about the Oval Office, check out this link. It’s to the Oval Office’s history.