The Amazing Race All-Stars: Episode 8 Recap

I’d like to take this opportunity to voice my extreme displeasure with two things: Mediacom cable television, and the Motorola DVR system. Mediacom is, quite simply, the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. They are absolute hogs when it comes to customer service, and their digital cable feed is consistently sketchy, out of service, or just unwatchable. It kills me that I have absolutely no other options when it comes to television service; I’d drop them in a second if there was an alternative. The Motorola DVR system, as issued by Mediacom and other leading cable companies, sucks. I was going to list all of the reasons, but then I remember reading fellow Weblogs Inc. blogger Ryan Block’s “Things I hate most about my Motorola DVR,” which sums up my feelings all too well. So I’ll just direct you there.

I suppose it goes without saying that Mediacom and my Motorola DVR system completely screwed up (once again) my recording of the Amazing Race, so I didn’t get to watch last night’s episode. I don’t have a recap for you. However, I figured I’d just pull together a bunch of different reviews into one location so that I at least have something. So if you didn’t get to watch the episode last night (like me) but have a working DVR and plan on watching it later: stop reading now, because spoilers be lurking inside this here post. Let’s go!

Actually, you know what? It’s sort of fun to read a recap without having seen the episode. TVSquad says, “Danny was so very wrong during the cookie challenge and then he was such a jerk to Oswald the rest of this leg!” Cookie challenge? Hmm…sounds like an eating task to me which, by the way, have been completely lame this season. Two feet of sausage? No problem! Whatever happened to the three pounds of caviar or ostrich eggs teams were required to eat? I could eat two feet of sausage in my sleep. The cookie challenge was probably something along the lines of, “eat an entire package of 100 calorie Oreos!” Come on. always has a pretty good recap. What did they have to say? In Malaysia, “Mirna recruits some neighborhood kids to push her bike, and then tells them not to do drugs.” Man, I always miss the good stuff. And by “good stuff,” I mean “Charla and Mirna making complete fools of themselves in every single country they visit.”

It looks like Uchenna and Joyce made a poor choice by booking a flight that left only one hour for a connection in Germany. They missed the connection, which put them a day behind all of the other teams and got them booted off the race. Rats, there goes my winning pick once again. Who should I root for next? Whoever it is better watch out; they’re going to have the wrath of Justin rooting them on, almost guaranteeing a loss. I think I’ll go with the blondes, Dustin and Kandice. Watch out girls!

Join me next week (hopefully) for another recap of the Amazing Race: All-Stars!