The Extreme List

Sure, there are the 1000 Places to Go Before You Die. That’s a fine list and one that can help the average traveler see the best places in the world before drawing your terminal breath. But is there such a thing as Extreme Things to Do Before You Die. I mean, there seems to be Extreme everything else. Extreme cooking even.

Here is a site dedicated to Extreme places. The highest place on earth – Mount Everest (or maybe not), the lowest place on earth the Dead Sea, the largest natural feature on the Earth – the Great Barrier Reef, the oldest piece of earth on, um, Earth – in Australia. And my favorite: Mount Thor, Canada: the Greatest Vertical Drop on the Earth with a 4100 foot shear cliff that must fill the dreams of many a BASE jumper.

The list goes on, and to be honest, it is quite an enjoyable read. What’s even better is that nice photo accompany most entries. Now this would be a great goal, to visit and photograph yourself, perhaps even to dance, at every one of these places.