The Perfect Travel Journal (And the Most Expensive)

A proper travel journal is essential for any long trip. I’ve never purchased anything special for mine, just a hardbound edition with blank pages. But, looking back on them now, I do wish I had spent the money on a much nicer looking journal at the time.

We’ve posted before about the best journals one can purchase for their travels. Of course, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Fellow Gadling blogger Erik, for example, loves his Moleskin journal.

If you’re the type who wants the very best, however, we’ve got a tip for you. Epica produces some of the most luxurious journals in the world. Each is handmade and dressed in fine Italian leather. And the pages, oh my the pages! To really capture their true quality I must quote from the website; “fabric like ultra-thick handmade and hand-stitched pages, hand-crafted torn edge pages for sensual appeal, unlined for freedom of use, fresh cream color, heavyweight 36 lb acid-free/archival writing stock with heavy texturing, exquisite artisan watermarks on each page.”

Wow. That’s enough to make a librarian all hot and bothered. Too bad my poor penmanship will utterly destroy everything that such a fine piece of bookmaking aims to achieve.

Cost: $110