Weekend In Miami: Next Weekend

Before embarking on this Miami trip, I spent a lot of time doing pre-departure research, deciding what I wanted to do and see, and even plotting the best way to get to destinations. Some travelers may think I over-planned the trip, but without some planning, there was no way I was going to see everything I wanted to. If you’re curious, here’s how I scheduled our weekend, Saturday on the left, Sunday on the right:

Yes, those are removable stickies, which make rescheduling easy. No, I didn’t get to everything I wanted.

By the way… a special thanks to my accommodating wife for letting me drag her around Miami all weekend. And for the record: she claims she had a great time and was fine with our hectic schedule.

Now that we know so much about Miami, we can’t wait to get back. So what are we going to do? As you might imagine, I’ve got the whole weekend planned out already…

We’re going to head up on a Thursday afternoon, and check into one of these hotels:

On Thursday night, we’ll grab dinner at Tap Tap and then head to the funky Pawn Shop Lounge. (Our waiter at Afterglo claimed this was the best night to go.)

On Friday, we’ll have breakfast at the (oceanfront) Front Porch Cafe. Then, we’ll head to Kampong and explore the beautiful gardens (appointments required!). We’ll grab lunch at Scotty’s Landing (overlooking the water), and swing by M-80 for some edgy, hipster clothes. We’ll relax on the beach for a while, and head to the Delano Poolside Bar for late afternoon cocktails (mmm… mojitos). After dinner at Madiba’s, we’ll have a few drinks at Ted’s Hideaway (hope it isn’t too smoky), and then catch some live music at either the Slak Lounge or Jazid. Sleep.

On Saturday, we’ll wake up and go on a Stiltsville & Key Biscayne Boat Tour. (If the tour isn’t running that day, we’ll either do some (free) Yoga in the Park, or go sea kayaking around Key Biscayne.) We’ll grab a late, healthy lunch at Pasha’s, and then take a nap on the beach — or in the room, if we’ve already spent too much time in the hot, Miami sun. We’ll play dinner by ear (See? I don’t plan everything!), and then head to Aqua Booty, for a relatively laid-back club scene. (If we’re just too tired, then maybe we’ll catch a Ghosts of Miami City Cemetery Night Walking Tour.)

On Sunday, we’ll have brunch at the chilled-out Ice Box Cafe, swing by either the World Erotic Art Museum or the Flying Trapeze School, and then buzz by Romanico’s Chocolate as we head out of town — so we have a small treat back home to remember our weekend by.

Now, let’s see… What have I forgotten…