Celebrity Travel Cut-Ups: Paula Abdul

As if news that a celebrity has once again demanded services and privileges above and beyond that of the ordinary person or passenger comes as a surprise to anyone I bring you the latest in celebrity travel temper-tantrums: Paula Abdul. The stunt that Ms. Abdul tried to pull with Southwest airlines is little of a shocker to me as I’ve dealt with the American Idol judge/diva on a couple of occasions myself. In any case it is said that she recently tried to use her celebrity status to cut in front of all the other passengers at the gate in San Jose for a flight headed to Burbank. EURweb noted Southwest’s boarding policy best, but for those who have not flown with the low-cost budget airlines it’s basically a first-come first serve basis.

Paula apparently bypassed the long line of customers waiting to board, headed to the ticket agent and demanded special treatment. The funny part about it all if what was witnessed and reported by one passenger is true, someone supposedly told Ms. Paula, “You’re no Sanjaya! You have to board like everyone else.” Hearing that makes me wonder if the young boyish Sanjaya had shown up with his pony-hawk and tried breezing to the front of the line, if that same passenger would have let him cut? Hmm… It also makes me stop to think why Paula didn’t get a first-class ticket with some other carrier and whether I would have let the star scoot ahead? Then I wonder who is worthy of stepping two spots in front of me? Sadly, no one seems to come to mind.

What celebrity would you let cut in front of you?