The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers

In The Smart Traveler’s Passport, you’ll learn, oh, about 399 tips from Budget Travel’s readers, including:

  • 13 different uses for Ziploc bags.
  • How dental floss can double as a tape measure.
  • Where to find the best street food in a city.
  • How a digital camera can help you find your rental car.
  • How to avoid long lines at popular attractions.

Designed to look and feel like an actual passport, the 400th tip is that if someone demands you hand over your passport, just give them your copy of this book and run like hell. Hopefully, you’ll be far enough away before they realize what’s what.

For more tips, check out Budget Travel’s announcement of the project. Erik Torkells, if you’re reading, Gadling would love a copy to review…