Aloha SuperFerry

Hey Hawaii fans. Willy posted a while back about the upcoming Superferry service that starts later this summer, around July. It will allow passengers to travel like never before between various Hawaiian islands. What I mean by “like never before” is that the ferry is a monster-sized catamaran that will carry not just you, but your vehicle as well. That, dear friends, is a large catamaran. A lot larger than the ones I used to sail in San Diego.

Anyway, the new news is that the Superferry folks are kicking in some discounts for children and old folks as well as retired Armed Services personnel. This may not apply to you unless you have yungins or are dragging the grand-folks along, but it’s good to know. Oh, and they’ve also added a connecting fare for travel between Maui and Kaua’i, via Honolulu.

The first boat to be in service is called the Alakai, and can carry up to 866 passengers and 282 vehicles. The trip from Honolulu to Kahului, Maui will be roughly three hours, and you can hang out on the deck and check out the lovely sunsets…or watch TV, or play video games or eat a yummy meal because yes, snack bars will offer a range of refreshments.

For more info and costs check out the Superferry website.