Philly Flavor: Capogiro Gelato

It was very random that I found myself eating Mexican Chocolate gelato (with real chipolte) in Philadelphia last week as the Nor’easter blew into town. And so I didn’t mention it. In fact, I forgot about it until I saw my first ice cream truck of the season yesterday.

And now the pleasant and balmy weather has got me thinking it’s a good time to tell you about the spectacular gelato offerings of Capogiro Gelato Artisans. This stuff is good enough to have in any weather, and totally worth losing your umbrella in a ferocious wind for just one taste. That’s exactly what my pal Tamara* and I did as we jumped over puddles in Center City last week to indulge in flavors like Rosemary Honey Goat’s Milk, Lemoncello and Turkish Coffee.

Capogiro has created over 300 of the most amazing flavors, made from local hand-picked Pennsylvania produce and milk from grass-fed cows. The flavor menu changes daily at their two Philly locations — a non-stop rotation of unusual selections. It’s like the Jelly Belly version of gelato, reminding me of that Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper sensation that leaves your mouth stunned at how much it REALLY does taste like Avocado or Bourbon Butterscotch or Blood Orange or Nutella or Tahini. (I wonder if they’ve experimented with a cheesesteak flavor?)

When you visit Philly — you MUST visit Capogiro. Be sure to ask for samples of one or two flavors before making a final decision — It’s fun to test a few out, and is also important to make sure you’ll like what you order! And no worries if you’re not planning a trip to Philly — just find a gourmet grocer that carries pint-size containers of these all-natural heavenly creations and you’ll be all set for summer snacking.

(*Tamara is a regular Gadling Photo Pool contributor who took the delicious photo above. See more of her photos here.)