New York: Bowl at the Bus Station

While it dons an exposed ceiling and unpainted walls, the lanes at Leisure Time Bowl in the Port Authority Bus Terminal are still drawing crowds. Bowlers don’t seem to mind the half-finished decor, as long as there’s beer, music and automatic scoring machines that add properly.

Last Saturday night the place was packed when I arrived with a few friends. Early for our 10 pm reservation, we grabbed some drinks in the malodorous lobby bar that shakes every time a bus rumbles overhead. The new mahogany island bar referred to in this lame renovations update appears to have been installed, however we didn’t see anyone serving drinks from it. But the DJ was spinning tunes and the only lanes available were for those with advanced reservations. Walk-ins are welcome, but pickings will be slim in the evenings. And after 9 pm no one under the age of 21 is admitted.

Play can be purchased by game (staring at $6.50) or per hour (starting at $50) and rates increase for evenings, weekends and holidays. It’s cheapest to bowl before 5 pm, but they do run Night Owl specials and discounts if you reserve online. If you’re in town and just itching to get your game on, this place is definitely worth a visit. We all love bowling because it’s so darn cheesy, and what could be cheesier than bowling in the back of a dingy bus station on a Saturday night? Be sure to order a $50 Tower of Beer too, because no bus station bowling experience is complete without one.