The World’s Largest Yo-Yo, Plus Contests

Chico, California is the place where the yo-yo has a place of distinction. At the National Yo-Yo Museum you can learn about yo-yo history, take in the largest yo-yo collection in the world, plus see the largest wooden working yo-yo there is. I wonder if the tallest person needs to work it? Called Big Yo, it weighs 256 pounds.

If you want to get in on some yo-yo action yourself, starting in May, regional and state contests are held to find the best of the best. These three are May events.

For events later in the year go to the National Yo-Yo Museum and Contest Web site. And, to brush up on some yo-yo terms so you can comfortably talk yo-yo, here’s a glossary from the American Yo-Yo Association.

The only yo-yo trick I know is “walk the dog”” and I can’t do it. I’m lucky if I can get a yo-yo to roll up and down its string more than twice.