The Landscape of Dining: Topoware

What do you get when a Canadian industrial designer and a German jewelery designer collaborate on a project?

A transatlantic tablewear collection, of course!

Here’s a perfect gift for your favorite travel-loving foodie! The sleek understated design of Topoware is sure to be a hit with distinguished travelers. The design duo set out to explore the journey of eating, by creating a collection that “outlines” the dining experience. The china is cleverly coded with a few choice words — a “full” line circles the bottom of a bowl; and a “child” loop indicates an appropriate kid’s meal portion. Other lines subtly force the eater to question whether he or she is “very hungry” or “done?”

Taking inspiration from the recent popularity of geography as a media of communication, the artists set out to explore the visual and social landscape of dining by using descriptions to question and push our eating experience. The collection debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair in April. Yummy stuff.

Anyone want seconds?