Yurts: Comfort in the Great Outdoors

If you like the outdoors and think you like to camp until you actually arrive at a campground and it’s time to pitch a tent, there is another option. Try a yurt.

Yurts, circular structures in between a tent and a cabin, are the latest lodging additions to some Michigan state parks. Originally used by nomadic people in Mongolia, yurts add uniqueness to the home away from home. Most sleep five to six. Besides keeping you dry, they come with beds. Some come with woodstoves. Now we’re talking. You do have to bring the bedding.

Although, yurts are new to Michigan’s park system, they’ve been around for awhile in Oregon. Several Oregon state parks have them. Their versions have skylights and heat. Sweet.

Some of the other state parks I found with yurts are:

The number of yurts available and their style varies. If you think you want to try one out a yurt this summer, plan ahead. They are likely to get booked fast. The photo is of a yurt in Honeyman State Park in Oregon.