Fat Teens to Live off the Land in Australia

A group of portly British teens are about to visit Australia’s outback and live amongst the Aboriginals in a twisted new reality show.

“Fat Teens Can’t Hunt” places ten overweight teens in an eat-or-die situation in which they will hunt, kill, and then consume their daily meals instead of just getting them supersized at the nearest McDonalds.

According to a Reuters report, the kids will “survive for a month on ‘bush tucker’ including witchetty grubs, local berries and grasses.”


Geez. I’m not sure if this makes me laugh in a sadistic sort of manner, or actually feel sorry for these poor mopes.

Nonetheless, we all know that the outside world will sit back and laugh their collective heads off as some blubbery teenager chases down a flightless bird and consumes it squatting on his haunches.

Isn’t reality television just great!