Hit the Open Road

Doug McConnell is an expert on exploring the back roads of the American West. Now, he wants to help you — and have you help him — search for adventure in the region. To that end, McConnell recently launched OpenRoad.TV, a traveler’s guide to the American West.

To begin, McConnell pre-loaded the site with much of the video, photos, and insights that he’s compiled over the past 14 years of producing and hosting Bay Area Backroads. Now, it’s your turn to add your own stories, photographs, and videos — like Tina Martinez’s descriptive Moab Motorcycle Touring or Bill Buchanan’s adventurous Dances With Orcas.

In short, the site aims to be a comprehensive resource for people who want to explore, share, and celebrate the American West. Personally, since I couldn’t live much further from that part of the country and still be IN the country, I really enjoyed my virtual tour through the area.

Now I just need to get out there, shoot some video of my own, and add it to the site. Maybe this summer I can hit the open road.