Prepasted Toothbrush

Here’s another option for toothbrush/toothpaste help when on the road.

After my friend checked in at The Ohio University Inn and Conference Center in Athens, Ohio, she discovered she left her toothbrush at home. The helpful person working at the hotel reception handed her three toothbrushes, each in its own package. “Oh, no,” my friend said. “I only need one.”

“But these are one-use toothbrushes,” he explained. Since she was staying in for three nights, she could have one for each night. Intrigued, she took all three and wondered if these toothbrushes would fall apart after one use. Nope. Turns out, it’s a one-use toothbrush only if you want more toothpaste and you don’t have any. The ReadyBrush comes with toothpaste already in the bristles. All you need to do is wet the bristles and the toothpaste is activated.

Since my friend did have toothpaste, she saved one of these prepackaged wonders for me. When I joined her yesterday, in time for last sessions of the annual Spring Literary Festival at Ohio University (an event I go to every year), I was happy to receive my own ReadyBrush. I can see how these are handy for a road trip or to slip in a bag as a just in case. I do hate to think that people would buy these by the fistful and litter them across the world in the name of ease.