Seven Wonders of the World? Vote on Them!

This is following up on a post by Jamie back in February. There’s only little more than a month left to “vote” on your favorite Seven Wonders of the World, at New7Wonders. July 6, 2007, is the deadline.

Apparently, there have been a staggering 45 million votes on line so far. You can login and choose from between twenty-one buildings or man-made features currently standing.

Right now, the three leaders are the Acropolis, Chichen Itza, and the Coliseum.

The site was started by a Swiss filmmaker who wanted to raise funds to re-raise one of the Buddha statutes dynamited by the Taliban in 2001. (Price tag for the reconstruction? A staggering $50m.) Donations are welcome, and they are going to help preserve these sites.