Tired of Walking in Las Vegas? Hop on a Mobility Scooter

The last time I went to Las Vegas, Nevada we were passing through for a night. It seemed like it took us less time to get from Zion National Park to the edge of Las Vegas than it did to get from the edge of the city to the hotel. Think one inch at a time. This wasn’t rush hour either. I think we were hitting town about 10 P.M.

Recently, Las Vegas has found another way to put even more wheels on the road. Actually, it’s the sidewalks that are becoming less people friendly. I just read that some tourists are taking to what are called mobility scooters to get around instead of using their feet to ambulate. These are those streamlined vehicles that were meant for folks who are elderly or have a disability. Perfectly healthy people are renting these vehicles for $40 a day to avoid walking.

I remember what it was like walking in Taiwan with all the motorbikes and motorcycles parked on the sidewalks. Many times we resigned ourselves to walking in the street since there wasn’t space left where pedestrians were meant to tread. If indeed there are more people riding mobility scooters in Las Vegas, I wonder what that’s going to do to those people who’d rather get some exercise and hoof it? I also wonder if there are enough mobility scooters to go around so that the people who actually need one can get one. Can you imagine what would happen if handicapped parking spaces could be rented out at a premium so people who didn’t want to walk that far to the door wouldn’t have to?