Casino Pools Busting Out

What’s hotter than a Las Vegas night club? How about a Las Vegas pool?

Long relegated as a place to sleep off hangovers for guests, and a money loser for hotel owners, the Las Vegas pool is now coming into its own according to an article by Kimi Yoshino in the Los Angeles Times.

The trend kicked off in 2004 when the Hard Rock Hotel opened up their Sunday morning Rehab pool party. No one expected big things for a morning pool party in Vegas, but this was no ordinary pool party. The geniuses behind rehab fashioned it after a nightclub, complete with red velvet ropes, expensive drinks, DJs, and a line of scantly clad model-types trying desperately to get in.

The results have been impressive; the Hard Rock reports that it will pull in about $6 million for the 21 Sundays that Rehab will be open this year. Wow.

Naturally other casinos have noticed and are now vying for their place in the sun.

Oh, and the LA Times isn’t above showcasing a photo gallery of the newsworthy pool parties either. Nice!