Protecting Electronics at the Beach

More and more people rush to the beaches with iPods, mobiles, and cameras in tow, and it seems these people have bigger concerns than which level sunblock to wear. The question on their minds: “How do you keep those electric doodads safe from sun, sand, and surf?” The Associated Press’ Jackie Farwell answered with some tips to keep your electronics safe at the shore:

  • Carry your devices in air-tight cases. These enclosures can protect from the big three beach baddies: moisture, sand, and dust. (Such cases are available from Pelican, Otterbox, and Anvil.)
  • Keep your electronics out of the sun. Direct sunlight can make electronics overheat causing possible damage, so keep your devices in cool, shady areas. The article recommends buying a tiny umbrella, but that’s just silly.
  • Cover any open ports. Plug up any holes because ports like headphone jacks and DVD drives are vulnerable to vicious sand attacks.
  • Clean with compressed air. If sand does get into an open port, blast the area with a puff of compressed air to dislodge any stray beach particles.
  • Wipe your hands clean. Your iPod’s worst enemy could be you! Be sure your hands are clear of any lotions that could discolor rubberized skins.
  • Let your toys cool down. Bringing a hot device into an air-conditioned room might cause condensation inside the case. Let your items settle to room temperature before bringing them across extremes.

I can vouch for the water-proof cases. I once lost a camcorder and a cell phone to a rogue wave from a wakeboarder. It was a drench and run.

Heed these warnings and stay safe this summer!