Summer Jaunt: Girl Scout Founder’s Birthplace

Lately, I’ve been asking folks where they are going for the summer. One of my friends and her daughter are heading to Savannah, Georgia with the daughter’s Girl Scout troop. I was about her daughter’s age when my Girl Scout troop did the same thing. I still have my Daisy pin to prove it. You can only get one of these if you go to Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace. Visiting the place where Juliette Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts, was born is a trip worth taking whether you are a Girl Scout, were a Girl Scout, know a Girl Scout or ever bought Girl Scout cookies.

The home where she grew up is a restored, 19th century house filled with family belongings. Besides having the distinction of being linked to the Girl Scouts, this was the first house in Savanah to open as a house museum. It’s also part of the Pioneers in Preservation tour. There are two others. Andrew Low House was the family home of Juliette Low’s husband and one of the places she lived as an adult. The other house, the Davenport House Museum was to be destroyed until rescued by a group of women keen on preserving Savanah’s history. These aren’t the only historic places, the city if filled with them. Here is a link to other Savannah attractions.