Wine Boot Camp

Sir, that tastes like a Chardonnay grape, sir!

Chardonnay?! You don’t know a Pinot Grigio when it hits your worthless palate, scumbag? Now, drop and sip me twenty!

Or so the dialogue might go if you were to attend a session of Wine Boot Camp, a new twist on the age-old experience of wine tasting. Myself, I love a good wine, and I adore wine country, and if I have to bang out fifty push-ups to enjoy a superb vintage, well, I suppose I could do that. Of course, there are no push ups. Wine Boot Camp is merely the catchy name given to these intense 12-hour workshops offered several times a year in Napa.

Billed as “the ultimate fantasy experience for wine lovers”, the camp is not just about drinking vino, it’s also about learning how the stuff is made and the science behind the grape. “At the end of the day, people feel exhausted and empowered,” says founder and director Barbara Drady. Yeah, and what about drunk? Anyway, the camps go to many different vineyards in Napa, and I am pretty certain that by the end of the day, you will not only know a lot more about wine, but that your head will be spinning from all that happy sipping.