Urban Camping: Tents in the Big City?

Prices of metropolitan hotels got you down? No worries. Michael Rakowitz’ P(Lot) project has the answer for cheap stays in the city: car cover tents! Plop one down in a parking space, feed the meter, and you’ve got yourself a campsite. Break out the s’mores! Sure, vagrancy laws might cut your stay a little short, but the memories would last a lifetime. [via]

Check out more urban camping photos after the jump.

Here’s a view inside the car cover tent. Looks cosy, but I’d worry about pesky city roaches and rodents popping in for a visit.

I think I’d pick this urban camping tent. I’m not a racing fan; the tent just reminds me of my old racecar bed. Vroom vroom.

Here’s one for the high-rollers. It’s a Porsche-shaped car cover tent. I’d love to see the look on the face of a confused thief who pulls back the car cover only to find a sleeping bag and Therm-a-rest.

People watching would probably be a lot of fun during an urban camping trip. I’d sit in the empty shell with the tent flap open waving to people and snacking on granola bars.