Travel Stories That Are Rated “R”

I never really thought of Budget Travel as a pervy type of rag, but I guess every magazine has a seething underbelly. And when you have a seething underbelly, all you can do is launch a blog and post the seething-est, pervy-est pictures to the Internet. After all, that’s pretty much all blogs are good for, right? Oh…wait a minute…

Anyway, Budget Travel has a fun little feature on its site called Travel Stories: Rated R. It’s essentially a collection of photos and short stories that were keepers — but that were too risque for the print mag. Some of the pictures are shocking; others are gigglers; and a few are bizarre. (Why did she send in a photo of herself, naked, in the bathtub? Um, hello? Weirdo?)

The feature is certainly good for a laugh or three. And, despite, the title, it probably is SFW — unless your work frowns heavily on gigantic horse penises.