Temple To Phallic God Priapus Found In Bulgaria?

There’s something weird going on in the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Sozopol.

Last year, Bulgarian archaeologists dug up the graves of two vampires and analyzed the purported bones of John the Baptist. Now the Sofia Globe reports they’ve found a temple to the Classical god Priapus. This deity, best known for his huge erect penis, was the god of fertility and its opposite – erectile dysfunction. He acted as a sort of metaphysical Viagra.

Bozhidar Dimitrov, head of the National History Museum, said archaeologists excavating in Sozopol have found a clay phallus inscribed with the words “to Priapus.” This sort of item was common as a votive offering to the god. There’s no report on whether a building was found on the site. Actual temples to Priapus are rare, since he was a minor god worshiped mostly in the countryside or in gardens. His fertility extended to plants as well as people and he was also the god of merchant sailors, which would have been important in a thriving port such as Sozopol.

Priapus was a popular god in the Roman Empire. The above image, courtesy Wikimedia Commons, is of a fresco in Pompeii. You can find statues of the god and little phallic amulets in any large collection of Roman antiquities. The British Museum has several. Jump the cut to see a cute little figurine of Priapus with a little surprise.
This is actually two shots of the same bronze figurine dating to the first century AD and found in Picardy, France. On the right it appears as a man walking with a cloak wrapped around him, but pull the top off and presto! Instant fertility. It’s on display in the Musée de Picardie à Amiens. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Travel Stories That Are Rated “R”

I never really thought of Budget Travel as a pervy type of rag, but I guess every magazine has a seething underbelly. And when you have a seething underbelly, all you can do is launch a blog and post the seething-est, pervy-est pictures to the Internet. After all, that’s pretty much all blogs are good for, right? Oh…wait a minute…

Anyway, Budget Travel has a fun little feature on its site called Travel Stories: Rated R. It’s essentially a collection of photos and short stories that were keepers — but that were too risque for the print mag. Some of the pictures are shocking; others are gigglers; and a few are bizarre. (Why did she send in a photo of herself, naked, in the bathtub? Um, hello? Weirdo?)

The feature is certainly good for a laugh or three. And, despite, the title, it probably is SFW — unless your work frowns heavily on gigantic horse penises.